Co-Written by Angela Damiani, GMC Member and CEO/Co-Founder of NEWaukee and Sara Daleiden, Beerline Trail Project Leader and Founder/Director of MKE<–>LAX

The Milwaukee Night Market is returning to Downtown Milwaukee this summer through a sustainable strategic partnership with Westown Association and NEWaukee that feels like the perfect culmination of a winding journey.

We are remembering long creative sessions in 2013 in the original NEWaukee basement office of the Grand Avenue where Night Market was incubated. Propelled by a desire for street life on West Wisconsin Avenue that welcomed our generation made of many cultures in Milwaukee, we wondered what we could make. We were aware of the avenue’s vibrant history with shopping, art and public life, and we were also aware how empty and lifeless the street could feel. We wanted to believe, as we still do, that downtown can be a gathering place where neighbors from the many beautiful Milwaukee neighborhoods can enjoy being together day or night. Where we can share a downtown street as one heart of our city.

In that mall basement, we met weekly over many months as NEWaukee and MKE<->LAX, along with our collaborators from beintween and the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC) to imagine public space possibilities as artists and culture makers…

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