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About MKE<->LAX

MKE<->LAX is a media strategy and production agency with bases in two US American regions, with Milwaukee and Los Angeles as epicenters. The agency explores cultural exchange across the boundaries that typically separate US regions, with an emphasis on regional poetics and market expansion. Through ongoing mobility, MKE<->LAX asks questions about the influence media, location, scale, values and other regional factors have on production of the arts and cultural identities.

Sara Daleiden, founder and director of MKE<->LAX © Lee Matz

About Founder and Director Sara Daleiden

Through directing MKE<->LAX and other initiatives, Sara Daleiden facilitates civic engagement within developing landscapes, exercising arts and cultural exchange strategies for over two decades. She encourages local cultures to value neighborhoods, public space, civic art, entrepreneurship and racial and gender equity. Sara has an expertise in working with artists and other entrepreneurs on network and small business development, as well as artist residencies, creative placemaking and media culture-making.

With a crew of incredible regional talent, Sara collaborates with the City of Milwaukee, Greater Milwaukee Committee Creative Placemaking Committee, and local and national partners on The Milwaukee Method of Creative Placemaking. This creative placemaking work includes the Beerline Trail Neighborhood Development Project and Milwaukee Night Market on West Wisconsin Avenue. She co-owns HomeWorks: Bronzeville which rehabilitates residential and commercial properties for artists to own and occupy as live-work spaces. She co-organizes Rural Urban FLOW, a network of cultural and agricultural producers in Wisconsin and related Indigenous lands. With any of her initiatives in the Milwaukee region, strategic production and distribution of media is key.

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