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About MKE<->LAX

Sara Daleiden, founder and director of MKE<->LAX © Lee Matz

MKE<->LAX facilitates cultural exchange and civic engagement between and within two American regions, with Milwaukee and Los Angeles as epicenters. The agency collaboratively produces residencies, programs, developments and other place-based initiatives. The agency explores cultural exchange across the boundaries that typically isolate ideas regionally, with an emphasis on regional poetics and expansion of market. Through ongoing mobility, MKE<->LAX asks questions about the influence location, size, market, values and other regional factors have on production of the arts and cultural identity.

About Sara Daleiden

Through directing MKE<->LAX and other related agencies, Sara Daleiden focuses on cultural production and exchange through facilitating social interactions in developing landscapes. With bases in Los Angeles and Milwaukee, she offers support for empathetic, structural development of identity embracing various scales of experimentation, connection and production. Initiatives encourage active interpretation and embodied exploration of local places valuing public space, civic participation, economic sustainability, pedestrian awareness and celebration of difference. Currently, Sara focuses with the Greater Milwaukee Committee on the development of The Milwaukee Method of Creative Placemaking, the Beerline Trail Neighborhood Development Project and MKE United with support from ArtPlace America and The Kresge Foundation. Additionally, she works with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission’s Civic Art Program with the Open Space Creative Graffiti Abatement Program on the documentary Civic Art: Four Stories from South Los Angeles and the screening series Civic Art Works.

Collaboration has been project-based or ongoing with America’s Black Holocaust Museum, Being Pedestrian, Cliff Garten Studio, Community Arts Resources, A Dallas Drinking Fountain Project, Freewaves, Friends of Blue Dress Park, Los Angeles Food Policy Council, Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, Los Angeles Urban Rangers, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, L.A., Mike Kelley Foundation, Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, Outpost@Armory, Suzanne Lacy, Urban Land Institute, Watts House Project, and West of Rome. She received her Master of Public Art Studies degree at the University of Southern California (USC). She has served as a senior lecturer and program consultant with Otis College of Art and Design’s Graduate Public Practice Program. Sara has additionally taught at the USC, Woodbury University and the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design.



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