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Sara Daleiden VISITINGS

Artist Alan Nakagawa interviews Sara Daleiden in his Los Angeles living room about her MKE<->LAX practice with civic art, facilitation, public space and other forms of land use engagement for his VISITINGS radio show which airs on dublab.


The Milwaukee Movie

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In 2009, MKE<->LAX commissioned Mark Escribano to create The Milwaukee Movie, a compilation of Hollywood references to Milwaukee which play out stereotypes of Milwaukee from a Los Angeles perspective.

Rise and Shine: Bronzeville, Milwaukee

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RISE and SHINE is the first episode in our series of short documentary videos about the re-emergence of the Bronzeville Cultural and Entertainment District in Milwaukee.

CHIPS with Sara Daleiden at the Lynden Sculpture Garden

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Brad Fiore of CHIPS sits down with Sara Daleiden as part of a Milwaukee-based interview series that documents and broadcasts a cross-section of art and cultural production.

Come In, We’re Open – Sara Daleiden

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Janet Owen Driggs asks Sara Daleiden to consider the question “what is social practice,” for Come In, We’re Open, an ever-growing archive of 5-minute-long interviews with artists, curators, writers, producers, and participants.


The Economic Case for Public Art

Milwaukee Artists Creating Homes, Studios to Help Revive Bronzeville

Milwaukee Public Radio’s Lake Effect: From LA to Milwaukee: Adding Vibrancy to Cities Through Public Art

New Bronzeville Initiative Provides Homeownership Opportunities for Artists

Public Art Review: Milwaukee Moves: In Creational Trails, Sara Daleiden’s Role as Artist Involves Crafting and Curating Conversations

Creative Exchange: Sara Daleiden Focuses on Cultural Production and Exchange in Various Roles of Public Art Leadership

Wormfarm Institute’s Fermentation Fest Event Guide: Beyond the Urban Center – Art in Flyover Country

Art City Asks: Sara Daleiden

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