Saturday, September 23

Exhibition reception for Vicki, with an i organized by Michelle Grabner
Woodland Pattern
720 East Locust Street in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (a few blocks from the MKE<->LAX residency!)

featuring a panel discussion with:
Marilu Knode (Moderator): Laura Perry (writer), Sara Daleiden (artist)
Kim Miller (artist), Erin Washington (artist) & Kirsten Stoltmann (artist)

& a reading by author Lise Haller Baggesen from Mothernism
followed by a Q+A with Milwaukee artist Rose DiSalvo

“Vicki, with an i speaks to the changing power dynamics afforded woman in western culture.”

Promises to be an interesting discussion about gender and working in the arts! Marilu is a long-time colleague and a favorite cultural firebrands in Milwaukee and internationally. An opportunity to engage with her, Michelle and the other people involved with the project who associate to being arts workers and women, and perhaps feminists too, such that there will be an exchange about our relationship to our shared representation. At the base this will be a conversation around defining and acknowledging labor.
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