The Beerline Trail Neighborhood Development Project hosted this webinar celebrating the Beerline Trail and the Black Landscapes Matter book release on March 30, 2021. Keynote speaker Walter Hood has designed a concept plan for the creation of a Linear Park on the Beerline Trail. Hood, a nationally known landscape architect and artist, engaged with the community and used that input in his design of the Beerline Trail Lifeways Plan, an ambitious vision for this important community asset. Walter Hood is the Creative Director and founder of Hood Design Studio and a MacArthur Fellow. He is co-editor of a recently released collection of essays, “Black Landscapes Matter.” The book includes an essay about the Beerline Trail, written by longtime Beerline Trail project leader Sara Daleiden, director of MKE-LAX. The event featured Darryl Johnson, executive director of Riverworks, who shared Beerline Trail updates and a virtual “walk-through” of the Lifeways Plan. A local panel, including Sara Daleiden, discussed Black landscapes and why they are important for Milwaukee.

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