This past year, long-time MKE<->LAX mentor and collaborator, Los Angeles-based artist Anne Bray, came in residence in Milwaukee to generate Designing Equity. The project focuses on stimulating public dialogue around race dynamics in Milwaukee and within the creative industries.
MKE<->LAX partnered with The Frank P. Zeidler Center for Public Discussion and Greater Together to have Anne share her internationally recognized public art and experimental new media art practice through a residency intensive with a racially diverse group of 12 local artists, designers and advertising creatives. The collaborative group generated an initial public art and media project and a proposal for future project growth that was vetted through facilitated community dialogues and a review with creative industry leaders. Our proposal is based in research and development of an agency of creative talent that can advocate for racial equity in the creative industries, partly through providing an active network of creative workers.
Visit the Zeidler Center webpage to view the project video, [Breaking Boxes] workshop results and project report. You may find of particular interest our proposal for moving forward with the agency on page 7 of the project report.
Thank you to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation for an Arts and Culture Grant to support this endeavor that included covering consulting fees for all creatives involved with the project.
And thank you also to those of you who contributed to this process!

Designing Equity:

A Zeidler Center, MKE<->LAX and Greater Together partnership
The Zeidler Center, MKE<->LAX and Greater Together have partnered on an initiative called Designing Equity to bring awareness to Milwaukee’s racial and economic inequality through public media campaigns, public art, creative placemaking, and facilitated public discussions.  

You can view the project on our website: there, check out our project video and the first iteration of our [Breaking Boxes] workshop which featured Ex Fabula storytellers!

If you would like to be involved with upcoming Designing Equity events or if you’re interested in sponsoring this initiative, please email Dr. Katherine Wilson at
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