The 25th anniversary of the 1992 civil unrest in Los Angeles is this weekend, and the FORWARD LA: Race, Arts and Inclusive Placemaking conference at USC in Los Angeles was powerful. Wishing us all peace, endurance and clear vision for growing our culture together now.

Exciting cultural development updates from Bronzeville, Milwaukee:

RISE and SHINE is the first episode in our series of short documentary videos about the re-emergence of the Bronzeville Cultural and Entertainment District in Milwaukee. Through Bronzeville Autumn, we are bringing together culture, history, art, commerce, and community rooted in this rich urban tradition. This first episode is comprised of interviews with key stakeholders including Alderwoman Milele Coggs of the City of Milwaukee, Deshea Agee of the King Drive Business Improvement District and Melissa Goins of CUPED Corporation, along with a window into the neighborhood and programs connected to this current cultural development transformation.

Art House Trap and Bronzeville Autumn Summary
(Jazale’s Art Studio Website Post with Images)
The 2016 Bronzeville Autumn series began with Art House Trap at Jazale’s Art Studio, featuring an evolving interactive art installation created by Mikal Floyd-Pruitt, Vedale Hill, Manny Vibe$, Kevin Boatright, and other artists. 
Additional programming was offered through Spring 2017 including the recent Historic Garfield School Cultural Campus Groundbreaking on April 4. A few key articles about the catalytic Groundbreaking:

Milwaukee Independent Photo Essay: Bronzeville Construction a Catalyst for Revival

Bronzeville Autumn is an initiative of CUPED Corporation, Jazale’s Art Studio, Friends of Bronzeville and MKE<->LAX, in collaboration with the City of Milwaukee, Alderwoman Milele Coggs and the Historic King Drive Business Improvement District.  

MKE<->LAX is currently an artist-in-residence at Jazale’s Art Studio in Bronzeville. 

Support was generously provided by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation through the Marvin W. Haesle Fund for the Arts, the Patricia Ray Howell Fund, and the Martin Luther King Memorial Fund.

Top 5 Choices
Photo credit: Mikal Floyd-Pruitt
© Mikal Floyd-Pruitt and Vedale Hill, 2016
A guest takes in the responses left by others before he contributes to Mikal Floyd-Pruitt’s interactive installation piece for Art House Trap.

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